Quality Assurance in Radiotherapy

Posted On 2024-01-03 09:33:33

This series on “Quality Assurance in Radiotherapy” is edited by Dr. Paul Van Houtte and Dr. Dirk Van Gestel. The authors are proud to provide a comprehensive review and further discussion on quality assurance in radiotherapy, and include empirical experience and valuable opinions from recognized experts in this field from prestigious institutions of different countries.

Editorial on PCM: Quality Assurance in Radiotherapy
A quality assurance program: a clear necessity in modern oncology care
Paul Van Houtte, Dirk Van Gestel

Editorial Commentary on PCM: Quality Assurance in Radiotherapy
Quality assurance in thoracic oncology: the surgeon’s perspective
Paraskevas Lyberis, Federico Femia, Enrico Ruffini

Review Article on PCM: Quality Assurance in Radiotherapy
Favouring quality improvement initiatives: the experience of the Belgian College of Radiation Oncology
Aude Vaandering, Sarah Roels, Burak Yalvaç, Nathalie Reulens, Brigitte Reniers, Frederik Vanhoutte, Vincent Remouchamps, Yolande Lievens, Reinhilde Weytjens

The use of 18F-FDG PET/CT for radiotherapy treatment planning in non-small cell lung cancer: a mini-review
Eleni Gkika, Anca L. Grosu, Ursula Nestle

The importance of standardized treatment planning and decision-making in radiation oncology for non-small-cell lung cancer—are current guidelines sufficiently strict for uniform target delineation?—a narrative literature review
Thomas Descamps, Luigi Moretti

The series “Quality Assurance in Radiotherapy” was commissioned by the editorial office, Precision Cancer Medicine without any sponsorship or funding. Dr. Paul Van Houtte and Dr. Dirk Van Gestel are serving as the unpaid Guest Editors for the series.