Xiaomao Guo, MD

Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center, Shanghai, China

Dr. Guo graduated with Master Degree from Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University in 1993. In 2009, he went to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center to study as visiting scholar.

He is now a professor and entitled with President of Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center, President of Shanghai Proton and Heavy Ion Center. He is also the Vice President of Chinese Anticancer Association, Vice Director of Oncological Branch in Chinese Medical Doctor Association, Tenured Member of Chinese Society of Oncology, Director Designate of Radiotherapy Society in Chinese Anti-Cancer Association. In addition.

He is proficient in the radiotherapy of breast cancer and abdominal tumor, especially with profound research on comprehensive treatment including radiotherapy for breast cancer, prostate cancer and lymphoma. His cancer research work used to be founded by National Natural Science Foundation of China and several municipal projects and Shanghai Science Committee projects. Some of his research work was awarded the First Prize of Scientific and Technology Progress. Till now, he has already published about 60 articles on the influential magazines domestic or abroad. His research focuses on clinical and translational research of breast cancer as well as clinical and translational research of proton and heavy ion. In terms of “Precision Medicine” his team is aiming to find candidates who are most suitable for proton and heavy ion radiotherapy. The process is based on bioimaging and proteomics characteristic screening.